University Health Center employees protest discrimination, favoritism

Letter in the Emerald, here:

… In a recent anonymous survey of SEIU 503 members working at the UO Health Center (UHC) – including licensed and non-licensed staff – 83 percent of respondents reported having seen specific coworkers being targeted and held to a different standard than their colleagues. 70 percent have seen disciplinary actions disproportionately impacting isolated members of their department. The vast majority of respondents believe that favoritism runs rampant at UHC in everything from disciplinary action to hiring and retention practices.

“Out of the last five people hired as medical aides, all but one are personal friends of the supervisor,” said one respondent. In many instances, long-time UHC staff members are passed over or prevented outright from applying for management roles. Experienced classified staff members at UHC often feel as though their knowledge and expertise both in the field and at UO is being undermined and belittled. …

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2 Responses to University Health Center employees protest discrimination, favoritism

  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t buy any claims that Leann is a single bad apple in the cart. Leann’s favoritism, discrimination, targeting and retaliations are just the latest versions of the same old song at the health center.

    After only a few years at the helm, director Dana Mills was reassigned after having ignored complaints about the mistratment of his staff (discrimination, favoritism, retaliation) at the hands of then medical director, Jenny Soyke. Unfortunately, before they were both relieved of their duties, Dana had already asked his old colleagues from the Lookout Mountain Group (Stephen and Stephanie Beckley) to create a doomed-from-the-start MANDATORY student health insurance plan (or “business model”… or something) that dragged-out for years and eventually had to be scrapped.

    Apparently, replacing the health center fee with a higher out-of-pocket mandatory insurance premium didn’t sit well with the student advisory board…or anyone else for that matter. Of course, the plan didn’t flat-line until long after Dana left the health center (although I assume the Beckleys got paid either way).

    Even if Leann leaves, will the cycle of discrimination and favoritism at the hands of health center leadership be broken? Don’t hold your breath.

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  2. all true says:

    But it hasn’t really seemed like UO has been that worried about supervisors hiring friends and family, or dating their employees.

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