Bring back Sharon Rudnick, Mike Gottfredson, and the goat!

UO’s labor relations AVP Bill Brady is leaving UO, apparently for a better job back east, just as the faculty union and the administration are negotiating an extension of the second contract, as explained in this post from July.

Extrapolating from the salary data meticulously documented on UO’s IR website here, that contract extension will likely lead to further erosion of UO faculty pay relative to the rest of the AAU public universities. For example, to pick one department at random from the full list here, last year UO assistant economics professors earned 87% of the AAU average, associate profs 83%, and full prof’s got just 71%:

While any extension will likely include some small change for external equity improvements, there’s only one thing that can really fix this: convince the administration to bring back HLGR’s Sharon Rudnick for a third round of bargaining.

The unique bargaining strategies of Ms Rudnick and her team were instrumental in successfully leading “The University” to accept a sweet first contract that established important job security for (some) NTTF’s and produced the first and only increases in UO faculty pay relative to the AAU in recent memory. And we got the goat. Since then it’s all been downhill.

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2 Responses to Bring back Sharon Rudnick, Mike Gottfredson, and the goat!

  1. dog says:

    Seriously, when all the Union cheer-leading died down, did anyone really think it would continue to go uphill?

    Outcomes of decisions need to be suitably time-average before a judgement is made on their success

    But we are too impatient for that and we demand our Cake immediately. Fuck the long term view …

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  2. too much caffeine says:

    They should compare median salaries; I doubt economics professor salaries follow a Gaussian distribution.

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