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12/22/2010: No, don’t. That would be insane. Not that I’m an expert on charitable giving. I do get asked if we accept donations though. We don’t, unless they are in bottles and aged at least 12 years. Google gives us most of what we need free. Dropbox does the rest. Every now and then we pay a little for public records, but mostly we prefer to fight the bastards for them – more sporting for us, and more of a lesson for them.

The NYT does have an interesting article on how to use donations to minimize AMT exposure, however. And given that Oregon’s high income taxes are not deductible for the AMT, while donations are, it might well make sense for some of our readers – I’m talking to you overpaid administrators, you know who you are – to give their money to a charity rather than the IRS.

But which charity? My favorite is the Duck Athletic Fund. Because Mike Bellotti and Rob Mullens really need your support, and those sons of bitches are going to get every dollar they can from UO anyway. Why fight it. Go Ducks.

Or you could give to the Sunlight Foundation or the EFF, and tell Cory and Larry that UO Matters sent you.

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