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10 year tenure clock

rejected by the Michigan faculty. The interesting part?

For faculty members hired as assistant professors at Michigan, tenure is not a certainty. Between 1982 and 2004, 54.6 percent of those hired as assistant professors received tenure, according to Michigan’s office of budget and planning. 

It is almost unheard of for a UO professor to be turned down for tenure. The recent stats I’ve seen are on the order of 1 out of 30 or less. Of course some assistants leave before coming up. Still we must be way above 54% getting tenure.

At UO final tenure and promotion decisions are made by the Provost with advice from the Faculty Personnel Committee. A few years ago Russ Tomlin argued that the Provost did not have to share his rationale for deciding against the FPC recommendations, memo here. The kerfuffle was all about OIED VP Charles Martinez, who ended up with tenure in Education – to whence he will go on July 1.

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