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ORSA update from Rich Linton

4/11/2011: VP for Research Rich Linton has now issued an explanation of who is running ORSA (Moira Kiltie has just been promoted) and who all the Huron consultants are. Rich is not providing a word on the cost – but here are the contracts and $1.5 million in invoices. Another $500,000 is budgeted until June.

In case you are not following this, rumor is that this is all fallout from a botched hire and inadequate supervision. Who knows – obviously Rich is not telling, much less giving the faculty their research money back!

I’m sure the memo – emailed to all PIs – had nothing to do with our public records requests. Meanwhile, here’s the announcement of Rich’s retirement:

The following message is sent on behalf of Senior Vice President and Provost Jim Bean –

Colleagues –

Rich Linton, Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies, has announced plans to step down from his position no later than June 30, 2011.  Rich has had a dramatic impact on the UO’s research enterprise and interdisciplinary initiatives during the past decade. For example, UO’s growth rate in research expenditures per faculty member over the last five years was 50%, ranking third best within the AAU (FY03-08, NSF’s latest available data). Rich has been instrumental in providing critical support of faculty recruitment and retention, graduate education, interdisciplinary centers and initiatives, research infrastructure, multi-institutional partnerships, and technology transfer.   Rich has served the institution with great skill, energy, good will and dedication.

A national search will begin presently and a search firm will be hired in the near future.  Rich and I will especially appreciate your support and assistance in this time of transition.  I wish Rich all the best as he looks toward new leadership opportunities and challenges.

Regards, Jim (Bean)

RSVP for the retirement party here. I wonder what sort of golden parachutes Linton and Frances Dyke are going to get, and how much it will cost us.


  1. Anonymous 04/12/2011

    Thank you UO Matters – for keeping on this. From today’s memo from Rich Linton, it is obvious Huron has crafted their contract continuation platform. So, how many amendments can a $20k contract have under state contracting regulations? From $20k to 2 million? What a deal!

  2. Anonymous 04/12/2011

    What the heck. I thought he was gone. He is now retiring after being given a terminal contract. Who cares. Go in peace Linton. Get his and Frances’ hands off of the UO. They are the bumbling duo. And if you add Bean then we have the three stooges. I agree with UO Matters, no support for the plan if there is no transparency. The administration is not building trust. The UO President needs to act and act quickly to regain the trust and goodwill that is growing thin. This is under your watch. It is not a matter of what was done before I got here. That card has been played with Bellotti. No more Aces in that pack. Get with the program.

  3. Anonymous 04/12/2011

    I’m not a fan on everything Linton and Dyke do, but I have to admit that ORSA, under the direction of Moria Kiltie and the consultants, is significantly improved; certainly better than it was a year ago. The mass staffing exit that was happening under Paula Roberts has stopped and they seem to be getting pretty good replacements. The response times to my email issues has improved, as has the speed of contract set-ups. My PI is happy. My center director is happy. My life is easier as a result. So, on this issue… Good call Linton and Dyke.

    On a separate note, when are we going to find out about the new VPR? Haven’t they found a replacement yet? Does anyone know why this is taking so long?

  4. Anonymous 04/12/2011

    “mass staffing exit” is a reflection on the manager or the quality of staff? The VP-IED, GC, VPFS, VPR, AD etc. have all existed, is this a reflection on the UO President? The consultants(vampires) are being paid $250/hr($2M) plus roundtrip airfare home for an ORAL REPORT on their findings, while UO employees are being paid peanuts, UO staff would be fools to think it “is significantly improved” and so should you. What is Moria Kiltie’s experience in Grant Management and oversight? Moria care to elaborate?

  5. Anonymous 04/13/2011

    Dog Says

    Hey, be nice to Moira – at least she cares and is committed and is well intentioned and well motivated. What she lacks in experience she makes up for in integrity.

  6. Anonymous 04/13/2011

    “well intentioned and well motivated” never a job got me. I need to use that line the next time I interview. Moira will you hire me? I am well intentioned and well motivated.

  7. Anonymous 04/13/2011

    I agree with Dog, leave Moira alone. She never asked for this temporary additional assignment, and already has a job. She is the kind of person who steps up when needed to help out in a bad situation. Thank goodness we have people like that around here. We could use a few more. And while I’m at it, spare us your pompous and condescending comments (“UO staff would be fools to think it ‘is significantly improved’ and so should you”) when someone recognizes when things do sometimes get better.

  8. Anonymous 04/13/2011

    Pompous I like, condescending …. hmmmm it depends

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