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UO flushes 2 Research Assistant positions

5/23/2011: According to all the data, what UO needs most to keep our AAU status is more GTF/GRA positions. But instead we are going to spend the money on another administrator. I love the responsibilities part. “Develop a strategic communications plan.” What the fuck does this have to do with being a research university? Here goes the rest of our ICC F&A money.

Coordinator of Communication, Fellowships, and Events
Graduate School
Posting: 11152
Location: Eugene
Closes: Open Until Filled

RANK & SALARY RANGE: $43,000-$48,000, commensurate with training and experience.

PERIOD OF APPOINTMENT: 12-month, full-time appointment

STARTING DATE: July 1, 2011


The Coordinator will work to enhance graduate education and research by working collaboratively with Graduate School leadership and other staff in three areas: communications, events and the management of fellowships. The coordinator reports to the Vice Provost of Graduate Studies and the Associate Dean of the Graduate School.

Communications: The Coordinator will develop and implement a strategic communications plan to effectively use a variety of media to engage diverse audiences, …


  1. Anonymous 05/24/2011

    The hell of it is, they’ve most likely already (as they usually do) selected their desired candidate for the job.

  2. Anonymous 05/24/2011

    There’s something going on at the graduate school, and while it may be well-intentioned, it doesn’t look good from the outside. As an example, they’ve been on a power grab to force departmental graduate applications to go through them – which costs applicants 50 bucks a pop. The GradWeb system’s been a nightmare according to everyone I’ve talked to. They have big plans in mind as far as I can tell which will no doubt involve more hiring.

  3. Anonymous 05/25/2011

    The Gradweb interface is horrible. But worse is charging $50 to even apply. How can we increase our diversity when we are pushing away low income students and many minorities with these fees? I hate that we create expensive ‘action plans’ that do nothing but then push fees with major effects without any thought.

  4. Anonymous 05/25/2011

    Dog says, yeah just what we need – another obstacle for increasing our grad student population.

    Once upon a time, dog was consulted on various matters. When Linda Brady first got here she asked the dog what the dog thought “the biggest academic problem was at the UO” – Dog barked instantly – our declining graduate population since we are a research University. Much of this is Linton’s legacy I think – now we want to name an Atrium after him in the New ISC2 building … God the UO is an amazing place.

    We definitely should be out of the AAU if we can’t turn our graduate programs around.

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