Kitzhaber takes off hat

6/10/2011: Who knows where this will go next, I’m dizzy. But Kitzhaber is looking better. Kim Melton of the Oregonian seems to be on top of the legislative education circus. Put her in your RSS.

Meanwhile Stacia Kalinoski of KEZI reports on the Eugene 4J layoffs:

“It feels like a crime to me because it’s so fruitless. I think for the teachers leaving it’s great to feel appreciated, but it would feel a lot different to be appreciated by the district,” St. Cyr said.

“I don’t have seniority, and I’m watching a superintendent being hired in the district with a big, fat raise and that makes me angry,” said Whitson.

Not only did the 4J board give the new superintendent a fat salary, they gave retiring departing one a bonus, so he wouldn’t feel jealous. It’s fun spending other people’s money.

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