SB909 and SB242

6/20/2011: From Michelle Cole in the Oregonian:

Monday is a big day for education policy in the Oregon Legislature. After months of public Education Committee tiffs and behind-the-scenes negotiations, the Joint Ways and Means Committee moved several bills on for floor votes. Many of the proposals would have a lasting impact on public education.

The legislation includes Senate Bill 909, which is Gov. John Kitzhaber’s proposal to create a new investment board that would coordinate funding for all levels of education, from Pre-K to the universities. There are also measures benefiting charter and online schools. For a full run down, see Jeff Mapes’ story from Friday’s committee action. …

Presumably SB242, OUS Chancellor Pernsteiner’s proposal to centralize authority for higher education in the hands of a careerist mid-level manager without a PhD who was appointed by a disgraced child abusing ex-governor, without a public search, and then blow the state’s tax money on his own inflated salary, mansion, car, extra housing allowance, and undocumented expense accounts will also come up for a house vote today, it has already passed the Senate.

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