Athletic dept to pay some costs

7/9/2011: Not the legal costs of the NCAA investigations – Randy Geller is still refusing to disclose that info to the faculty. But they will pay for rerouting the utilities for the new Football museum and complex. From Greg Bolt in the RG:

The $227 million Knight Arena has put particular stress on the budget because it was financed entirely by state-backed bonds that must be repaid from department revenues. Those debt payments will cost $16.3 million a year beginning next year. But the department has its Legacy Fund to cover those payments. Begun with a $100 million gift from the Knights, the fund now has $130 million in pledges and will be used to pay off the bonds.
Although the fund can be used for other athletic department needs — if UO President Richard Lariviere agrees — Moffitt said it won’t be necessary to tap the fund for the new football building.

Right. Our “sulf supporting” athletic department can pay for this and their own inflated salaries, so long as the academic side picks up the jock box costs, parking, legal, etc. What a scam.

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