PLC demolition begins!

9/14/2011: Provost Jim Bean announced yesterday that his last official act would be the destruction of the much hated PLC office building – “brick by goddamn brick, if necessary”. Work began this morning:

Celebrating profs down at the faculty club cheered the news that they would be housed in tents on the quad for 5 years while funds are raised for a replacement. “Tents? a poncho would be better than my office.”

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3 Responses to PLC demolition begins!

  1. Daffy Duck says:

    Has UO Matters gone wack? Would you like me to walk you to the Johnson mental health unit down the street?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Given that this photo seems to taken from eye-level with a worker who is at the top of PLC, how was it taken?

  3. UO Matters says:

    From the UO Matters news helicopter