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  1. Anonymous 10/15/2011

    I’m sure you can guess my feelings on a current-student-funded EMU expansion, but the music and dance school really need a new place to perform. Dance exhibitions (or whatever) happen on the fourth floor of Gerlinger Annex, which is a glorified black box theater.

  2. Anonymous 10/16/2011

    What would be a better use for the $10 million?

  3. Anonymous 10/17/2011

    dog barks

    build a modern classroom building with
    2000 seats available in various classroom

  4. Anonymous 10/17/2011

    I don’t understand this gripe at all. A new student union and performance hall to replace the ballroom? To me that’s a great use of donor funds and a valuable academic and community resource.

    I do appreciate the concern of the “hidden” student expense of paying fees for a building that doesn’t even exist yet.

  5. Anonymous 10/17/2011

    The $10 million might make seed money for such a project, just as it’s seed money for the EMU project.

    You’d first have to convince them that they’d rather give the money for that. Perhaps a better fund-raising operation could do that, but maybe they tried, I haven’t the slightest way of knowing.

    I know the Berwicks have been very generous to the Bach Festival, as I’ve noticed from the Festival catalog. I wondered who they are and I’m glad now to know. If they want to give their money for this, I’m glad they’re doing it.

  6. Anonymous 10/18/2011

    UO Matters hates Bach? And Football too?

  7. Anonymous 10/18/2011

    No one hates Bach, it’s impossible.

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