NCAA to give still more money to the coaches

10/21/2011: From Brad Wolverton in the Chronicle. The proposed reforms give players $2,000 each in “travel money” but they then cut the number of scholarships – leaving the total take for “student-athletes” unchanged. So where will all the money from the new conference TV deals go? To the coaches, ADs, NCAA insiders – and of course free cars for all the hangers on. And the NCAA is spinning this as reform?

One part of it is progress: multi-year scholarships contracts for the athletes. Nathan Tublitz’s group, COIA, has been pushing the NCAA to do this for the past 10 years. Currently the coaches can cut a player when they want, and then give the scholarship to a better or uninjured player. UO is known for *not* doing this, though athletes who are not working out are of course encouraged to transfer to a different school.

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