UO’s "self-supporting" athletics department

pays half what other UO activities pay towards UO’s administrative costs:

Guess who has to pay the rest of these costs for them. And what do they do with this ~$3 million subsidy? First thing, everybody gets a car! Then more fat raises. 10/6/2011.  
As someone pointed out, the assessment on the student government ASUO expenditures (Incidental Fees) is increasing from 2% to 7%. Athletics pays 3%, and apparently always will. Why do the students pay more than Rob Mullens?
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Athletics may claim they don’t use University resources funded by overhead in order to have a reduced rate, but I’ve been involved with some critical research facilities that fork over the 6-8% and get nothing in return. Poor students should not have money taken from them to pay for the inflated coach and athletic administration salaries and perks.

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