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  1. Anonymous 12/03/2011

    I think there was a lot of sentiment in favor of a no confidence vote at the last statutory faculty meeting, but the argument was made (correctly in my opinion) that it was important to maintain open communications with the SBHE and the chancellor. But if they defy the faculty’s wishes by appointing anybody other than Berdahl, I expect there will be a groundswell to put a no confidence motion to a formal vote. Even though it presumably would be be no confidence in Pernsteiner and the board (not in the new interim president), the fact that it would be obviously triggered by the new interim president’s selection would be severely damaging.

  2. Anonymous 12/03/2011

    If Jim Bean wants to show real leadership, he should tell Pernsteiner that he won’t take the job unless Berdahl turns it down first.

  3. Anonymous 12/03/2011

    Remember the big push for a conflict of interest policy about 5 years ago. How is it not a conflict of interest to grant yourself a car allowance? Why does anyone at the UofO get a car allowance? Especially the provost. He can’t pay for his car out of his more than substantial salary? Is not his job a ‘desk” job? When did this change? Under Francis’ watch?

  4. Anonymous 12/05/2011

    Those rumors are persisting that Bean is the front runner. Sudden health imrpovement I guess. What I don’t get is that Bean as much as Lariviere was the master mind behind the raises and the independent UO. So how is this a change of guard from the view of the Chancellor’s office?

  5. Anonymous 12/06/2011

    let us least put john moseley ahead of bean,for interim pres. the independant u of o has been planned for a decade or so. The reviled old guard ‘moseley,williams,frhnymeyer’ understood the devastating effect it would have on oregon’s other schools, which serve the people of oregon, realised that the time was not yet right. It is still some years away,it will happen, but all the various campuses/campi ? will be involved. moseley, not a charmer, but brilliant

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