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Millions for jocks, not a cent for scholars

Last updated on 02/11/2014

1/18/2012: That’s the word on the $5 million Jock Box gift from John Jaqua’s widow. Greg Bolt explains the basics, here. Duck press release here. And now Rob Mullens has admitted that he is going to use all the proceeds to cover the small part of the maintenance and utilities that the athletic department must pay. Not a cent will go to help the academic side pay for the $1.83 million cost of running the athlete-only tutoring operations. Where was UO’s VP for Development Mike Andreasenwhile this gift was being negotiated? Not doing his job for the academic side. Where was UO Foundation President Paul Weinhold? Cashing his paycheck. What is the probability that the widowed 91-year-old donor, the generous and rather interesting Robin Jaqua, understood how UO’s athletic department would use her gift? ____%. Meanwhile, the athletic department is continuing to play hardball with the students over football tickets and costs. Because they are that greedy. Emily Schiola has the story in the ODE.


  1. Anonymous 01/18/2012

    Where’s Andreasen? I would think he’s applying for other jobs now that Lariviere is gone.

  2. Anonymous 01/19/2012

    Why do you think this does not help the academic “side?” And why do you keep calling them “sides?”

  3. Anonymous 01/19/2012

    DPS is reported to have sworn in their own police officers today on campus. Was there an announcement? Didn’t think so.

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