Search Committee announced

Dear UO Community,

Following is an announcement about the presidential search committee that will be released to the media later today. I wanted to share the information with you first.

George Pernsteiner
Chancellor, Oregon University System
News Release
February 1, 2012


Contact: Di Saunders, Office: 503-725-5714; Cell: 971-219-6869

Chancellor Announces Search Committee for University of Oregon President

PORTLAND, February 1, 2012 – George Pernsteiner, chancellor of the Oregon University System (OUS), today announced the Search Committee for the next president of the University of Oregon (UO). The new president will replace interim president Robert Berdahl, who began in this role in late December.

The Search Committee will be chaired by State Board of Higher Education member Allyn Ford of Roseburg, and he will be assisted by Dr. Sona Karentz Andrews, vice chancellor of Academic Strategies for the OUS, and Tim Black, UO assistant vice president, Office of the President.

Search Committee members will include the following representatives from UO’s many constituent groups, including:

[edited by group]


  • Miriam Abelson, UO graduate student in Women’s and Gender Studies; 
  • Maneesh Arora, UO undergraduate student in Environmental Studies; 
  • Ben Eckstein, undergraduate student in Planning and Public Policy Management, and president of Associated Students of the UO;


  • Miriam Bolton, UO executive assistant, Lundquist College of Business; 
  • Eric Clark, UO libraries’ student coordinator and assistant to unit manager; 


  • Frances Bronet, UO dean, School of Architecture & Allied Arts;   
  • Robin Holmes, UO vice president for Student Affairs; 


  • Allyn Ford, search chair, and president of Roseburg Forest Products; 
  • Dan Giustina, managing partner, Giustina Resources; 
  • Gregg Kantor, CEO, Northwest Natural Gas Company; 
  • Anne Marie Levis, president, UO Alumni Association, and president & creative director, Funk/Levis & Associates;
  • Ed Maletis, UO Foundation member; 
  • Gwen Lillis, chair, The Lillis Foundation; 
  • Preston Pulliams, president, Portland Community College; 
  • Mary Spilde, president, Lane Community College.


  • Michael Hames-Garcia, UO professor of Ethnic Studies; 
  • Robert Kyr, Phillip H. Knight professor, UO School of Music and Dance; 
  • Alec Murphy, UO professor of Geography; 
  • Margie Paris, UO professor of Law; 
  • Geraldine Richmond, UO professor of Chemistry; 
  • Kim Sheehan, professor of Journalism;

The Committee will begin its search process for a new president immediately, working with a national search firm which was selected through an open RFP process. Search chair Allyn Ford noted that the target for the selection of the new president of UO by the State Board of Higher Education is this summer. The chancellor and Allyn Ford are continuing to meet with members of the UO community, faculty, and students to identify the qualities, qualifications and characteristics needed in the next president.

Allyn Ford said, “My thanks go out to this Committee, which is representative of the many strengths and perspectives of the UO community, as well as those of the state of Oregon. We appreciate the Committee’s willingness to work collectively on this critically important work. We are excited about beginning the search process, and are committed to moving through an accelerated schedule, but one that does not compromise quality, so that we can have the University’s next president appointed this summer and ready to lead the institution this coming fall. The University of Oregon’s next president will be both an institutional and a state leader in higher education, so the work of identifying candidates is one that has important ramifications for all of Oregon.”

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19 Responses to Search Committee announced

  1. Anonymous says:

    Based on the student representatives, expect a ton of time and energy wasted focusing on stuff like “diversity” and “sustainability”.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I for one am relieved that the forest products industry is well represented!

  3. Anonymous says:

    A better group of faculty than I expected. Bronet is also good.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I, for one, welcome our diversity and forestry overlords.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Did anyone from the unionization movement end up involved, or is that battle line already firmly drawn?

  6. Anonymous says:

    No obvious jock-sniffers, unless they do it in secret.

  7. Anonymous says:

    No one frpm t’he humanities. No one from AAA. Three students.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Pertsteiner, not having named the SEIU local 085 president to the search committee, like the last search for Lariviere, seems to have turned the Classifed Staff leadership’s attention to the governor for help…and SEIU Local 503 is the most suspicious about an independent board. Good move Pertsteiner!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    On the other hand, at least there IS a classified staff member on the committee (Eric Clark).

  10. Anonymous says:

    Eric Clark is not elected by any of his constituents to represent Classified Staff. Others on the committee were picked based on their position:
    Robert Kyr, President of the UO Senate
    Miriam Bolton, Chair of the OA Council
    Ben Eckstein, President of the ASUO
    Frances Bronet, UO Dean
    Robin Holmes, Vice President
    Preston Pulliams, President PCC
    Mary Spilde, president LCC
    Gwen Lillis, chair
    Allyn Ford, chair
    Gregg Kantor, CEO

    Shame on Pertsteiner!

  11. Anonymous says:

    a lot of those people were picked because they were good, not because of their position. Eric is smart, eloquent, and strong. He will do a good job representing SEIU, the library staff, and other classified employees. Lay off. I get it that the president of SEIU wanted to be the one picked, but undermining one of your own members because YOU want the spot is tacky.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Still, as a union member, although I think Eric will be good, I have to agree with the other anonymous who pointed out he was not an *elected* union rep. I can only hope that doesn’t bode ill for our future relations as a union with the UO administration, since it does seem like a slight. With so many folks already on the committee, including several students, they could have included 2 classified…after all there are at least 1500 of us on campus here.

  13. UO Matters says:

    This committee is already way too big. But since no one involved trusts the others to fairly represent their interests – usually with very good reason – no one is going to buy into the outcome, without representation. Another unfortunate legacy from our JH administrators.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I am not the local 085 president writing here. Nor do I want the position – so the tacky statment is very false.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I know that pernsteiner was here consulting with Kyr and others regarding the selection in early January- question is- why didn’t someone from the campus raise that it should be an elected SEIU rep? The Chancellor clearly doesn’t know us as well as we know ourselves, and he was taking input. I saw him in two separate meetings with university senate- and the other appointees were ones being supported.

  16. Anonymous says:

    UO matters- the number one contributor to the lack of trust on the our campus is this blog, your personal vendetta’s, and the constant negative spin you put on anything. Just because we happened to agree on the Lariviere decision should not be interpreted as a validation of your crazy erratic and angry thinking.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dog is loyal to UOmatters

      UOmatters isn’t a “you” – its an important forum that exposes issues and opinions and comment. Yes, there can be a lot noise in this forum but there is some substance that otherwise would not exist. UOmatters is entitled to express their opinion and any way they want, just as your entitled to revile them as crazy, erratic and angry (I do wonder, however, if you can be sane and erratic) – to claim they are the “number one” contributor simultaneously inflates UOmatter’s importance and demonstrates that you have likely not read this forums content integrated over the last 3 years. A lot of people are angry and spin has nothing to do with it.

      The UO has clearly sacrificed its academic integrity and mission (my opinion of course) for a myriad of reasons. And yes, while dogs are most definitely second class scholars, as a member of the Academy the UO infuriates, embarrasses, and diminishes me. Its hard to trust an institution that produces that set of feelings in a faculty member. I imagine I am not alone in these feelings, but then again, I may just be the only dog on campus.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Just throwing this out there: I’m a Student Senator, and I did ask Pernsteiner when he came to Senate why classified staff weren’t represented.

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