ORP survey

4/25/2012: Email sent yesterday:

This email is being sent to all Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) employees on behalf of the OUS SB 242 Optional Retirement Plan Review Committee. This committee was formed as a result of Senate Bill 242 which requires OUS to review the current ORP plan and make any recommendations for possible change to the Oregon Legislature by December 1, 2012. For additional information on the charter of the ORP review committee please see the following http://www.ous.edu/sites/default/files/dept/hr/benefits/files/SB242_Optional_Retirement_Plan_Review_Committee_Charter.pdf.

Within the next day or two you will receive an email from John Chalmers, a member of the OUS ORP Review Committee. This email will contain additional information about the survey, a list of ORP Review Committee members and a link to the survey itself.

If you have any questions after you receive the survey document please contact Ernie Pressman, Benefits Administrator at [email protected] or 541-346-2967.

Thank you!

I am confident that the survey will be above-board, given that it involves Ernie Pressman and John Chalmers. I don’t know anything about the legislation behind this though.

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One Response to ORP survey

  1. Anonymous says:

    I certainly trust Pressman and Chalmers, but I have to wonder: is OUS out to try to screw the ORP people, like they tried (and failed) a number of years back?