Handy sues county for public records

5/28/2012: This suit may shed some interesting light on how Lane DA Alex Gardner deals with public records petitions, since SB242 gave him authority over UO public records. The requests in this story seem loosely related to Handy and Sorenson’s violation of the public meetings law and they look very broad. Typically there would be some back and forth between the requestor and the agency on how to make the request manageable. That process seems to have broken down between Handy and the Lane County PR officer, leaving the courts to deal with it. Under state law the county will have to pay Handy’s legal expenses if he wins his public records case in court.

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3 Responses to Handy sues county for public records

  1. Anonymous says:

    Handy’s a way back man; and from where he escaped, nobody is certain.

    Regardless how Gardner functions, you’re comparing your reasonable requests to Handy’s? Dude…

  2. Anonymous says:

    He’s concerned about history. It’s an attempt to leave a lasting impression about how the voters really didn’t want to vote him out (NOT). It’s about media manipulation not public records requests. Your issue? Transparency and the revelation of public, non-personal documents. Big difference.

    What we’ll read about Handy’s public records request is all personal by-play about government officials and who wanted to screw him. Oh..and a lot of whining. Seems to me unlikely that personalities won’t come into play when it comes to how long those requests take.

    Just one reader’s opine.