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49 percent appointments

6/3/2012: A quick and dirty search finds ~160 unclassified 0.49 FTE appointments – meaning people with a large UO commitment, but no UO health benefits. I don’t know what proportion are faculty, but it’s clearly significant, and this will likely be an important issue for the CBA.


  1. Anonymous 06/05/2012

    Dog says

    yes I can see this as Point 1 For the Union CBA = no 0.49 appointments. I support this for Teaching Faculty but nor for Research Assistants (because then I can’t hire them).

  2. Anonymous 06/14/2012

    In my experience Unclassified Personnel Services has verified that research faculty at 0.49 have other avenues to access health benefits before approving appointment to ensure all have equal rights.

  3. Anonymous 06/17/2012

    Bet a majority are PERS retirees

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