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UO Matters joins union organizing committee

6/27/2012: I wrote a while back about the economic department’s election of representatives to the union organizing committee. The OC rejected that idea, and came back with their own process. I followed it, and they have agreed to accept me as a member. In return I have agreed to abide by the same sorts of confidentiality rules that I agreed to when I was on the President’s Faculty Advisory Committee.

My skepticism about the desirability of a tenure track faculty union should be obvious to anyone who has read this blog for long or who goes back through the posts. But we have one now, and I am going to do what I can to help make it work for us and for UO as a whole. I will continue to use this blog to post information about the union, subject to the confidentiality terms. I will also continue to post my opinion and to use the blog as a place to post opinions from everyone on union matters.

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