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Berdahl and Mullens approved 21.3% raises for coaches

They got bonuses too. A correspondent points out I missed this report from Rob Moseley in the RG, July 20:

The UO football team’s nine assistant coaches each received a $40,000 raise as of July 1, bringing their guaranteed salaries for 2012 to a combined $2,759,500. … Under the amended contracts, all nine received a $40,000 bump this month, and will get another increase of $16,750 on Jan. 1, 2013, for a total combined raise of 21.3 percent in a year…. Also this month, Oregon’s six longest-tenured assistants — those retained by Kelly when he replaced Mike Bellotti as head coach — earned previously negotiated retention bonuses, totalling $450,000 among them.

Just a few months earlier Rob Mullens was telling the UO Senate Intercollegiate Athletics Committee that his department did not have the money to follow recommendation #1 of the 2004 UO Athletic Task Force and begin helping UO fund academic scholarships. And interim UO President Bob Berdhal was telling the IAC to stop asking questions about Duck finances – or else.

And shortly after the press found out about these raises for the coaches, UO’s interim provost Jim Bean told the faculty they would not be getting raises, unless their new union could negotiate them from the administration with a collective bargaining agreement. I’m not opposed to UO paying market wages. But our administration seems to think the market is just for the faculty – while crony capitalism is for themselves and the jocks. Even Bloomberg Financial News is now calling for university presidents to take control and institute salary reform for coaches.

But in the meantime we should insist on an end to the use of general UO funds to subsidize the athletic department. They should pay a reasonable overhead, pay for the Jock Box, pay for Jim O’Fallon, pay for their own skybox, maybe even – god forbid – pay all the costs of their NCAA lawyers? 8/13/2012.


  1. Anonymous 08/13/2012

    there a lot of issues co-mingled in the post. probbly better to take each on its own terms. To be clear, though I don’t like the jock box subsidies, especially if the best argument that can be trotted out is that most athletes are out of state. that rationale was clearly not thought through to several logical implications. On the union and faculty raises, that’s the way it works when a union is certified.

  2. Anonymous 08/13/2012

    So each of these guys got a raise bigger than my annual salary…..

    • Anonymous 08/13/2012

      Get a coaching job in a big time college football program?

    • Anonymous 08/13/2012

      Play the JH game and have your friends give you raises without performance evaluations?

  3. Anonymous 08/13/2012


  4. Anonymous 08/13/2012

    “On the union and faculty raises, that’s the way it works when a union is certified.”– so you’re saying an office specialist or a professor of English could also look for a $40,000 raise if it weren’t for their pesky unions? In my dreams…..

  5. Anonymous 08/13/2012

    Speaking of the union… it’s been almost two months since we’ve heard from them (us?). How’s all the multitasking going? Maybe uomatters can give us an update now that he’s running the show.

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