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Posts tagged as “piracy”

UO needs a new Provost

Read Interim Provost Jim Bean’s 2010 op-ed in the Oregonian, defending the decision to spend $1.83 million a year of regular students’s tuition money on the athlete only Jacqua Center for Student Athletes – or as the NY Times calls it, the Jock Box. Then read about how Duck AD Rob…

Bellotti’s $490,000 PERS

12/11/2011: Under the NCAA cartel, none of his players will get a dime. Fascinating, carefully researched story by Ted Sickinger in the Oregonian on how Mike Bellotti came to be collecting $490,000 a year in PERS, most of which will ultimately be paid by Oregon taxpayers: The statutes governing PERS…

Administrators gone wild

11/2/2011: Greg Bolt’s story 2 weeks ago in the RG gave the short version of the last 10 years of UO spending priorities: 26% more students, 9% more faculty, 36% more administrators. Today Bolt has a detailed story about the recent UO raises. The short version? The money for the…


9/21/2010: These days everybody talks like a pirate. But can they do the walk? This guy actually seized a drifting barge on the Columbia and is now trying to sell the iron to the wreckers for $75,000.