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New Chancellor update: Politically appointed boards do strange things …

2/14/2013 update: Melody Rose appointed Interim Chancellor. Betsy Hammond has the story. No word yet on whether or not her contract will

  1. Give her $23,200 for “professional expenses” and then let her pocket it as extra pay.
  2. Require her to pretend she lives at Treetops, and pay for her maid service, landscaping, and mortgage, and croissants.
  3. Encourage her to lie on her voter registration form and vote in Eugene.

2011 Update: This Harry Esteve story reports that SB909, Kitzhaber’s plan to shove OUS and Dr. Pernsteiner under the nearest bus, is building momentum:

As the session heads into its final days,  he appears to have the upper hand on his remaining priorities, including a statewide super-board to oversee all levels of education spending and a plan to trim health costs by overhauling the way low-income residents get medical care. 

6/18/2011: The quote is from Mrs. Irene Gerlinger, first woman regent of the University of Oregon, and “a formidable fundraiser” for the UO’s academic side.

UO no longer has a Board of Regents. We gave that authority up to the statewide Oregon State Board of Higher Education in 1929. As the impressive Mrs. Gerlinger predicted, this was a mistake. 
She was trying to keep the Chancellor in Eugene, where UO could keep an eye on him. Sure enough, in 2005, then interim Chancellor George Pernsteiner reneged on the Treetops deal, split for Portland, and has been taking our money ever since. The Campbell Church heirs are still trying to get their house back from him. 
President Lariviere’s new partnership plan would bring back the UO Board of Regents. Good idea. I can just imagine what Mrs Gerlinger would have said about Pernsteiner’s rule that Lariviere
(c) Refrain from advocating, in any way, including through employees and contractors, for The New Partnership or a governance/financing proposal substantially similar to The New Partnership, except through the Board’s processes;

I don’t think Pernsteiner would have lasted a month.


  1. uomatters 11/24/2011

    I’ve had a great time reading her letters from the UO archives. What an impressive woman she must have been!

  2. Anonymous 02/14/2013

    Rose has a PhD. That’s a step up already.

  3. Anonymous 02/14/2013

    Melody who?

  4. Anonymous 02/15/2013

    I would just note that Dr. Rose is a (former) member of the PSU faculty and immediate past president of the Portland City Club. 15 points to the Vikings.

  5. Anonymous 02/15/2013

    Dr. Who?

  6. Anonymous 02/15/2013

    Does UOM suggest a political motive for this $281,000 appointment?

  7. Anonymous 04/14/2013

    As a neighbor of Treetops, I can tell you that Pernsteiner hasn’t stopped using the house since his appointment elapsed. He was sighted there twice this week, once on Tuesday and then again on Saturday. I wonder if he’s just forgotten his toothbrush (again & again) or if he can’t quite bring himself to let go of a sweet sweet perk.

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