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Bowl junkets and an independent UO Board

3/8/13: Thanks to the ever curious Nathan Tublitz, here’s the list of UO employees who got free Rose Bowl tickets in 2012. 635 total tickets. (It took 3 months for Dave Hubin’s public records office to release the records.) Street price was about $1700 a pop for last year, according to these market analysts. Let’s say $1500 for the 2012 UO game. (But see the comments for a discussion.) So, about $1,000,000 total opportunity cost, or enough to give the faculty a 1% raise. And this doesn’t count the travel cost giveaways – data on that is coming. This sort of thing sure buys our athletic department a lot of friends – and if they give them out to the right UO administrators, a lot of hidden subsidies from the academic side.

Just imagine what’s going to happen when they start giving these junkets to the new UO Board members. Full file here. A snippet:

A few more of our duck nomenklatura:
And check the “junkets” tab below for more on this popular and expensive topic.


  1. Anonymous 03/08/2013

    I love seeing faculty NCAA rep Jim O’Fallon on this list.

    • Anonymous 03/09/2013

      The faculty athletic rep is supposed to be ineligible for such perks. Why is he getting freebies at all?

      (BTW… If someone jumps on this thread to complain about yet another admin type being undeservedly called out, I’m thinking UOM should open up the filter just a bit more.)

      Gottfredson… maybe one last and final meeting with your FAR should appear on your calendar in the next few days?

  2. Kitkat 03/09/2013

    What surprises me is how seemingly every staffer in the Athletic Dept got these perks. It’s like sending the entire Chemistry department, including research assistants, to DC every time Geri Richmond accepts an honor.

    O’Fallon is just another of such staff, apparently. Way to do watchdog oversight!

  3. Anonymous 03/09/2013

    Were the calculations done with the football coaching staff removed? Just curious, seeing as they account for a huge chunk of the tickets, etc.

  4. Billy Wilson 03/09/2013

    This is just superb, nose-to-the-grindstone reporting. I am very impressed.

  5. Anonymous 03/09/2013

    No, say it aint so? This has to be manufactured by UOM or something. It can’t possibly be true.

  6. Anonymous 03/09/2013

    Interesting, Hal Abrams doesn’t even work at the UO anymore, went off to Lewis and Clark last spring.

  7. Anonymous 03/09/2013

    My takeaway is being a football coach emeritus means getting ripped off. Real surprised Bellotti and Brooks got no gratis tickets.

  8. Leporello 03/09/2013

    Nike got 10 tickets? I guess they needed the help. Most of these people could easily afford to pay their own way. I hate the phrase, “feeding at the public trough” but it is appropriate to this scenario. C’mon Jamie, pay your own way for God’s sake.

  9. Anonymous 03/09/2013

    Amended Board Bill hot off the press:

    Faculty expressly prohibited from being on the board, there are two or three on the current board.

    Most of the new stuff in the 197 pages is about splitting the common wealth land grab. I expect to see OHSU sign on at some point so they can sell that worthless land on the top of the hill and buy more hospitals and the ability to mortgage future institution bonding.

    “Acquire, purchase, purchase on a contractual basis, borrow,
    receive, own, hold, control, convey, sell, manage, operate, lease,
    lease-purchase, license, lend, invest in, issue, improve, develop, use,
    expend and dispose of…” everything.

    Nothing about academics.

    • Quack Attack 03/09/2013

      You’re delusional if you think the state and the people of Oregon care about academics at any level, K-12 or Higher.

      Go Ducks!

  10. Anonymous 03/09/2013

    $225 was the average street price for a Rose Bowl ticket, according to the very source you linked, NOT the $1500 you hypothesize. The article states that this year’s average ticket price was $266, an 18% increase over the previous year’s Oregon/Wisconsin game, which means the UO average ticket price was $225.50. Multiply this by the 635 tickets given out and the amount is $142,875, NOT the 1 million you hypothesize. Make your point using correct, not exaggerated figures.

  11. UO Matters 03/10/2013


    The best deals at the moment can be found in end zone section 11 for under $330: both will get you in row C or closer! This is one game where, given all of the scoring, End Zone seats may be particularly exciting.
    The cheapest prices on Rose Bowl tickets are available in that same section: seats in rows 69 and 73 are currently available for $197 each.
    If you insist on sitting on the 50 yard line, such as in section 18, those seats cost as much as $2500, and those are still back in row 55.

    So, $1500 does sounds a little high for the average junket ticket – anyone else got more info?

    • Anonymous 03/10/2013

      What makes you think the giveaways are the cheap seats? These are administrators, after all. Without them, where would we ever be, and by given themselves these freebies they reinforce their belief that the teaching faculty and UO staff are nobody.

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