Brian Henley leaves UO

3/5/2013: Brian has been UO’s undergraduate admissions director for as long as I’ve been following these things. Organized, personable, gives great talks to the parents and prospective students, supported SAIL from the start, and respects and knows how to use data. One of the many midlevel administrators who kept UO afloat through the years of JH nonsense. He stayed out of it all, and just did his job. And that southern accent always took me home. Now he’s leaving UO to be Director of Admissions at East Tennessee State University. Our loss is their gain. Thank you Brian, you will be missed.

Fact check from Brian:

… I do have to correct one factual error, though. Any qualities that I demonstrated which pointed toward my being “organized” were the direct result of my having the benefit of working with many wonderful people here in the Admissions Office. I’ve been very fortunate to work with a number of people (too many to recognize by name) who have helped me talk through problems, collect and synthesize information, prepare for meetings, and generally compensate for my weaknesses, of which organization is one. I don’t have the words to express how meaningful the support I’ve received has been. The next person to sit in the Director’s chair will be very lucky to have such a competent and dedicated staff.

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2 Responses to Brian Henley leaves UO

  1. dr. duck says:

    Best wishes, Brian. You were a great admissions director for us. you will be missed here, butwe all understand you are heading home.

  2. Hedgehog/Fox says:

    Job well done, Brian. Best of luck. Thanks for keeping your head and doing your job so well. And for being a mensch through all of it. You made it look so easy, but treating everyone so respectfully, and having your own side of things so well under control–I know–is not as easy as you made it seem.