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Comments and Disqus

I’m trying a new system for comments, called Disqus, you’ve probably seen it on other blogs. It works now, but the last 2 days of comments are being transferred, and may not show up for a day or so.

To comment you should create a free, anonymous Disqus account. It will prompt you and will require a real email address, which I can’t see unless you decide to make it public. However everyone can see comments to that same Disqus account no matter what website you made them on, so the paranoid, or justifiably nervous, might want to make an account just for use at UO M. You can also use your facebook account as a Disqus login, which seems like a bad idea.

At the moment, rather than create an account, you can just enter a made-up name and an email address. (I can see the email address you enter, so you might want to use a fake one.) But I’ll probably require Disqus accounts soon. As it is I get about 50 spam comments a day, trying to get people to click on some weird website, and it’s a pain deleting them all.


  1. FakeDog 03/24/2013

    Dog says

    wow, an old dog learned a new trick.

  2. RealDog 03/24/2013

    even better …

  3. Will Overhead 03/24/2013

    Will the comments be moderated now?

  4. uomatters 03/24/2013

    no email edit

  5. uom 03/24/2013

    no email either

  6. uomatters 03/24/2013


  7. Will Overhead 03/24/2013

    It works for most who are willing to let it work for them. Some anonymous grumblers might balk at the disqus hoop you’ve presented, but t’eck widdem.

  8. uomatters 03/24/2013

    works for me

  9. Anonymous 03/26/2013

    It may be spring break, or it may be time to go back to old comment system.

  10. oryx 03/26/2013

    It takes a while to create a fake email account…

  11. IdiotForABoss 03/26/2013

    What you lose in volume you may gain in quality. Or, it will just be too complicated for most people. Spring Break is a bad test time though. The administration’s response to the union’s salary plan will be the real test.

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