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Faculty votes no confidence in the President

of NYU. 3/15/13. The NYT reports:

… But during the same period tuition rose and faculty salaries stagnated. His opponents said his emphasis on growth, along with the salaries and perks for a few top employees, were more appropriate to a corporation than a nonprofit institution.

The response from the NYU Board of Trustees, which like the proposed independent UO board does not include any faculty members, is here:

While we cannot and will not compromise the ultimate authority of the duly constituted Board of Trustees in the governance of the University, we agree with President Sexton that the voice of the faculty in shaping the University must be heard and play a significant role. And we agree that the time has come to consider ways in which that voice may be made even more meaningful. Thus, as President Sexton has urged us to do, we will embark upon a conversation about how to do this. Over the next two months, a committee of the Board consisting of the chair and the six vice chairs will meet with various stakeholders in the NYU community to listen and to seek the best way forward in the evolution of the University’s governance — both University-wide and within schools — enabling NYU to act decisively in a challenging higher education environment while also taking account of and benefitting from the input and involvement of all its constituencies, particularly the faculty.

Sounds like they’ve realized that was a mistake.

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  1. Anonymous 03/16/2013

    No need for this at UO. Do we even have a president?

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