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Who’s on first?

3/16/2013. What exactly are “the duties of the University President for the 2012 Rose Bowl”? And why did our students have to pay Lorraine Davis to go to Pasadena and perform them?

Who knows. The real question is how much money VPFA Jamie Moffitt will let Johnson Hall spend on these junkets next time. According to the history Nathan Tublitz has dug up – which includes UO paid trips for Moffitt and her husband – that would be quite a lot:

On 15-03-2013 16:36, Office of Public Records wrote: 3/15/2013 

Dear Mr. Tublitz- 

My apologies, Rob Mullens should have been included on the list. He
received two tickets. 

I have been informed that Lorraine Davis, who was acting Provost at
the time, fulfilled the duties of the University President for the
2012 Rose Bowl. 

Please let me know which Senior Administrators you believe are
missing from the list, and I will look into the matter further. 

Thank you,
Lisa Thornton
Public Records Officer
University of Oregon
Office of the President
6207 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403-6207


  1. Anonymous 03/16/2013

    When will this stop, or slow down, or something? Gottfredson was there, talking to the empty tent of parents. Gottfredson was on stage at the end. What exactly did Lorraine do?

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