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Gottfredson’s latest org chart do-over

The official announcement, follow up to the news that VP for University Relations Michael Redding is leaving:

To: [email protected]
Subject: deans-dirs: Reorganization of UO central administration

The following message is forwarded on behalf of President Michael Gottfredson – 

I am writing to let you know about a planned reorganization within central administration.  I have decided to combine our existing University Relations and University Development operations to form a single unit, University Advancement.  I am pleased to announce that Michael Andreasen, our Vice President for Development, has agreed to expand his role to oversee this new portfolio as Vice President for Advancement.  Michael will work quickly to integrate the components into the advancement model and secure operational efficiencies, as well as continuing to lead our development activities.

This is a model used extensively in higher education and it marks a return to a structure that served the university well during our most recent campaign.   The primary objective of the advancement model is to build awareness, engagement and support of the university among all our critical stakeholder groups including students, faculty, staff, alumni, Oregonians, friends, corporate partners and national leaders.

It is my expectation that this model will provide a more effective and integrated approach to our many communication and external outreach efforts.  This change will also create efficiencies and cost savings, which I intend to invest in our research and instructional operations.

I am very pleased that Michael is willing to begin work to facilitate this transition and will formally assume the role of Vice President for Advancement on April 15, 2013.

Best regards,

Michael Gottfredson, President
University of Oregon

Interpretation A: This change will also create efficiencies and cost savings, which I intend to invest in our research and instructional operations.

Interpretation B: Thanks to Bob Berdahl we’re stuck paying Bean $320K next year. Sunk cost. It would be embarrassing to put him in front of students, and the UO Board legislation will have passed by then, so what’s the harm in letting him do Redding’s job – but just for a year. We can hardly give him another sabbatical. Andreassen will minimize the damage. And sending this email is a public commitment that next year will be the end of it.

We’ll know more when I make a public records request for the job description for Bean’s last year. I don’t mean this as a big slam at Gottfredson. He’s got a lot of constraints at this point. Too bad he wasn’t more careful to free himself, and us, from them before he signed his contract with Pernsteiner. 4/2/2013.

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  1. Anonymous 04/03/2013

    Putting the money-raisers in charge of
    external communications means that all external communications
    will be driven by money-making. In other words, messaging will now
    focus more than ever on gaining the favor of moneyed interest groups, esp.
    big-ticket private donors, rather than informing the public. This continues the surprisingly swift erosion of any semblance of a public mission for the University of
    Oregon. We are now several decades into an era of massive public
    disinvestment, with a consequential loss of focus on public good, and
    a reeling jerk toward filling the gap with private support, buddying
    up to the wealthy, making pally deals, increasing secrecy, administrative bloat, etc. Thirty years ago, the purpose of UO communications might have been seen as serving the public. Those days are now officially over.

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