Oregon Commentator’s Hate Issue goes open-source

4/19/2013: From Editor Nick Ekblad, on the Commentator Blog:


So much that we made this hate document! 

Now is your chance to unleash your hatred at/for/via the Oregon Commentator! FREE SUDSY T-SHIRT FOR THE BEST HATE ESSAY 

Well-grounded hate is quintessential because its ugly alternatives are blind acceptance or forced compromise. This current trend in society to discourage or even denounce hate in its essence spells danger for the United States. We must not only keep in mind but assert the importance of upholding the right to hate, just as we have the right to free speech. As irrational or discomforting as it may sound, everyone has the right to feel how they feel. As a former Commentator once said: 

Sticking your head in the clouds and pretending the world is always a beautiful place may be appealing, but it is not reality.

The link goes to a google doc where students can help write the story. And don’t forget to check out the Journal of Hate Studies
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