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6/22/2013: A small step for the faculty. Very small. Why does the UO Senate Coordinator report to Dave Hubin? Job ad here:

Title:  Executive Coordinator for the Statutory Faculty and University Senate
Department:  President’s Office
Reports to:  Sr. Assistant to the President and the Senate President
Salary Range:  $38,000 to $42,000 (Plus an excellent benefit package.)
Appointment Type:  Officer of Administration/1.0 FTE/Fixed-term/12-month/No Rank
Application Dates:  Position open until filled.  To ensure consideration, please submit a complete packet by July 12, 2013. 
The University of Oregon (UO) President’s Office seeks applications for an Executive Coordinator (EC) for the Statutory Faculty and University Senate.  The EC possesses an in-depth understanding of the university’s academic environment and strong working knowledge of university policies and procedures.
The EC has two primary areas of responsibility:
1. Pursuant to the Constitution of the University of Oregon, the Statutory Faculty employs an Executive Coordinator, reporting to the President’s Office, whose responsibilities include generating and maintaining public records, organizing statutory elections, and event coordination relating to convening the Faculty Assembly.
2. The Executive Coordinator for the Statutory Faculty also fills the position of Executive Coordinator for the University Senate, reporting to the University Senate President and the President’s Office.
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3 Responses to Senate coordinator

  1. Anonymous says:

    The job reports to Hubin for the same reason that I doubt that this represents even a small step for faculty.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Senate coordinator has always served at the pleasure of JH. It’s all part of their plan to destroy the Senate and support a strong UO faculty union, so they’ll have a convenient scapegoat for donors still refusing to give money for the academic side, even after they get their corporate board.

  3. Old Man says:

    A Senate Coordinator is not a policy-maker, but an absolutely essential reporter and record keeper. The first Coordinator, Chris Prosser set a high standard for this office. Hubin understands the Constitution, and is an appropriate recipient of such communications. Move along folks, there is nothing to see here.