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Rudy Crew scammed Kitzhaber on expenses too

7/16/2013: Nigel Jaquiss and Alex Blum have the scoop in WWeek, based on public records requests, including Crew’s official calendar:

Records obtained by WW under the state’s public records law suggest the governor and the Oregon Education Investment Board left Crew unsupervised in his high-profile job. He spent much of his tenure jetting to conferences and private speaking engagements in faraway locales such as Alaska and the Bahamas, often flying first class.

Similar story from Betsy Hammond in the Oregonian, here. Small change compared to what Matt Donegan let Pernsteiner get away with. The croissants were the least of it – he even hit up the students for his mortgage payments, $26K a year. Plus car, maid service, etc. Speaking of Pernsteiner, I wonder what Treetops cost us last year? Lets find out:

From: UO Matters
Subject: Treetops records

Date: July 15, 2013 8:04:33 AM PDT
To: Charles Triplett

Dear Mr. Triplett, this is a public records request for
a) any documents showing expenses for the maintenance or operation of Treetops, including but not limited to landscaping and maid service, from 1/1/2012 to the present, and
b) any documents since 1/1/2013 showing plans for use of Treetops, now that Mr. Pernsteiner has left the building. 


  1. Anonymous 07/17/2013

    This is stupid of you, Bill. Wasting tuition dollars to get information you don’t need. Pernsteiner’s gone – this will cost money. Even if you don’t have to pay for it, someone will have to gather it, review it, and send it to you, costing money that could have gone into the classroom – or faculty salaries. You obviously don’t care about anything except to see yourself in writing.

    • UO Matters 07/17/2013

      You don’t think reporting on financial waste might eventually reduce it?

    • Anonymous 07/17/2013

      Financial waste obviously includes your request … Again, Pernsteiner is gone – Treetops will no longer be an OUS facility. Spend the resources following athletics waste/AAU status/board constitution – the important things.

    • UO Matters 07/17/2013

      Pernsteiner took on the order of $100K a year in weird expenses. Providing these documents will cost less than a month of his breakfasts. Sorry you think his croissants are more in the public interest than transparency.

      But since you do, get off my blog and go comment on Di Saunders’s press releases at

    • Anonymous 07/18/2013

      Must you be so hostile? And I don’t think your reporting on financial waste will eventually reduce it. The guy’s gone.

    • Anonymous 07/18/2013

      Way to elevate the level of discourse, you kind, thoughtful gentleman.

    • Anonymous 07/18/2013

      Jim, Jim, Jim… what are we going to do with you?

      Please, nobody pretend that our salaries are low because of public records requests. Yet, I’m sure I’m not the only one who would rather contribute to transparency than to treetops.

    • UO Matters 07/18/2013

      In all fairness to Jim, public records requests certainly kept his salary lower than it would have been as interim Pres.

      Which reminds me, time to make a request for his contract and see if he’s still on a 12 month appointment at his provost’s rate now that he’s “returned to the faculty”. Not that I wouldn’t like the union to get 1.25% of that $320K.

    • Anonymous 07/18/2013

      You seem to rag on people who make more money than you do. Jealous? And I’m not Jim.

    • Gore Vidal 07/19/2013

      Every time a friend succeeds, a little piece of me dies. But Jim’s not a friend, or a success.

  2. Anonymous 07/22/2013

    Not a good week for Ben Cannon.

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