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University of Oregon Board of Trustees

8/19/2013: Gov Kitzhaber’s press release here. President Gottfredson’s “Dear Colleagues” email here. Info from the UO nomination page (in italics) or other sources. Editorial comments at the bottom. See Betsy Hammond in the Oregonian for info on the HECC, PSU, and OSU boards. In the ODE, Craig Garcia has better bio sketches than mine, and Troy Brynelson has some rare quotes from President Gottfredson:

According to President Gottfredson, the UO faculty’s response has been “outstanding.” “Everybody’s excited,” Gottfredson told the Emerald in a phone interview, “It’s a great day for the university. ”

“[The board will] understand the nature and the financial structure of the university,” he said. “Just knowing how we’re budgeted, how we operate, in a fairly detailed way can be very helpful.”

Yeah, that would be helpful. Ever thought about sharing those numbers with the faculty? Nope:

Asking for faulty input on your performance review? Making the review public? Nope.

Board nominees:

1 Allyn Ford
Roseburg, OR at large (voting) June 30, 2017

Allyn is currently on the current OUS Board. He is the President of Roseburg Forest Products and long time Chairman of Umpqua and Umpqua Bank.
As an OUS board member Ford voted to fire Lariviere. He then ran the closed search for Pernsteiner that led to the hiring of President Gottfredson. He and his spouse reportedly donated $5M for the Ford Alumni center next to Knight Arena. This was well below the total cost, and the Foundation then hit up other donors to fill the gap, reportedly diverting donations from academic purposes. The UO Foundation then moved into the building, roughly doubling their expenses and cutting the amount for scholarships, etc. Sorry to be so blunt.

A few Oregon campaign contributions. Many national contributions. 

2 Andrew Colas
Portland, OR at large (voting) June 30, 2017
Not on UO list. UO alumnus, runs a construction firm in Portland.

Oregon campaign contributions. National contributions.

3 Ann Curry
New York, NY at large (voting) June 30, 2015
Ann Curry became the National and International Correspondent/Anchor for NBC News and the Anchor at Large for the Today show. 1978 UO Grad.
Wikipedia entry.

No Oregon campaign contributions. National contributions.

4 Chuck Lillis
Castle Rock, CO at large (voting) June 30, 2017
Chuck Lillis was co-founder and principal of LoneTree Capital, a private equity investing group, and co-founder and managing partner of Castle Pines Capital, a privately held provider of channel financing in the technology industries headquartered in Colorado. Castle Pines Capital was acquired by Wells Fargo Bank on July 1, 2011.
He has a UO MBA, and he and his spouse Gwendolyn are longtime LCB supporters. (And I’ll sneak in a quick bit of appreciation, for the excellent classrooms they paid for in Lillis Hall.)

Oregon campaign contributions. National contributions. Donated $65K to Phil Knight’s OHEE PAC.

5 Connie Ballmer
Bellevue, WA at large (voting) June 30, 2015
UO Alum from the School of Journalism.
Spouse of Steve Ballmer Microsoft CEO. Not a lot of info on web, but Forbes says the Ballmers have more money than the Knights.

No Oregon campaign contributions. National contributions.

6 Ginevra Ralph
Eugene, OR at large (voting) June 30, 2015
Oregon Alum, Foundation Trustee and Founder of Shedd Institute for the Arts.

No Oregon campaign contributions. National contributions.
7 Joseph Gonyea III
Springfield, OR at large (voting) June 30, 2017
Not on UO list. COO of Timber Products Company. I’m guessing they sell timber products, and that with a company name like that he’s not going to go for too much “Duck Brand” nonsense.

Many Oregon campaign contributions. National contributions.

photo not available

8 Mary Wilcox              
Portland, OR at large (voting) June 30, 2015

UO Undergrad and Law.
Owner of NW Wellness Solutions, provides health screening, nurses and medical care for businesses.

Oregon campaign contributions. National contributions.

9 Peter Bragdon              
Portland, OR at large (voting) June 30, 2017

Peter Bragdon became Vice President and General Counsel, Secretary of Columbia in July 2004 and was (sic).
Lawyer for Columbia Sportswear.

Many Oregon campaign contributions. National contributions.

10 Ross Kari                    
Sisters, OR at large (voting) June 30, 2015

Ross Kari is the Executive Vice President and CFO of Freddie Mac. Formerly a CFO for Wells and Safeco. UO Alum retired living in Oregon.
Soon to retire from Freddie Mac.

No Oregon campaign contributions. National contributions.

11 Rudy Chapa              
Portland, OR at large (voting) June 30, 2017

Oregon Alum, successful business executive.
Oregon track runner in late 70’s. Worked for Nike, left in 1999, now runs his own sports firm.

No Oregon campaign contributions. National contributions.

12 Sam Dotters-Katz      
Eugene, OR student (voting) June 30, 2015
Nominated by ASUO, currently ASUO President. Dave Frohnmayer protege.

Many Oregon campaign contributions. National contributions.

13 Susan Gary                
Eugene, OR faculty (voting) June 30, 2015
UO Senate President Margie Paris nominated Gary, Peter Keyes (Architecture and a union supporter) and Rob Kyr (Music and Senate President during the Lariviere firing), Kitzhaber picked Gary.
Gary is a law school professor, and one of the authors of the UO Constitution. “Professor Gary’s teaching and research interests include nonprofit organizations, trusts and estates, and estate planning.”

No Oregon campaign contributions. National contributions.

14 Kurt Willcox              
Eugene, OR staff (voting) June 30, 2015
Presumably nominated by SEIU. Research Analyst at UO’s intoCareers. Currently SEIU Bargaining Team President for negotiations with OUS.

Oregon campaign contributions. National contributions.

While the OHSU enabling legislation specified that board members should have experience working on higher education issues, this was deleted from the UO board legislation, and none of these nominees (other than Gary and Willcox) appear to have any. Only one – Lillis – has a PhDs. This is not meant as a slam, but it’s a bit odd for a research university.

Kitzhaber gave the faculty member, Susan Gary from law, a vote. UO administration lawyer Sharon Rudnick has already started using this as a fig leaf for President Gottfredson’s fight against the Senate’s efforts to strengthen faculty governance. From the July 22 bargaining session:

Rudnick “UO Trustees will be the University of Oregon. Having a faculty member on that board it is not only shared governance it is direct faculty governance.”

Lillis was the only one of the supporters of Phil Knight’s “Oregonians for Higher Education Excellence” PAC to be appointed. He gave $65K. OHEE raised $450K in donations – none of which has been spent.


  1. Anonymous 08/19/2013

    Ann Curry? I thought that nomination was a joke.

    • Anonymous 08/19/2013

      Why? What do you see that qualifies her for being on the board?

    • Anonymous 08/19/2013

      The UO’s “need” to be seen on the national stage. How many mornings do you think Gottfredson takes the opportunity to tell someone that Ann Curry is an Oregon alum? His wife must be sick of it, I’m sure.

      Our admins confuse big with good. Fundamentally, this will be our downfall.

    • Awesome0 08/19/2013

      Or which national stage? Plenty of us are on it, its just they seem to focus on recognizing those whose work can be summed up on a highlight reel.

    • Anonymous 08/19/2013

      She seems like a fine pick to me. What’s the specific criticism?

    • Anonymous 08/19/2013

      Agree, but it’s an unfortunate choice for “needing to be seen” as in “Ann Curry? you mean that woman who got fired from the Today Show?”

      What is alarming is the lack of emphasis on higher ed. experience.

    • Anonymous 08/19/2013

      Note: when I said lack of emphasis on higher ed. experience I not referring to Curry but to the candidates in general.

    • Anonymous 08/20/2013

      Ann Curry has experience trying to restore a serious and principled focus at an institution where the people in power only care about delivering mindless fluff. Good luck Ann, I hope the second time will be the charm.

    • Three-Toed Sloth 08/20/2013

      Are you suggesting the “OSPIRG” faction in student government is not represented?

  2. Awesome0 08/19/2013

    Any coincidence that someone from the law school never has the chance of having a tie to the faculty union??

  3. Anonymous 08/19/2013

    I love that MG is late to the game. Thanks for timely updates, UOM.

    MG also thinks that it is “an exciting time to be at the University of Oregon… blah blah exceptional future… blah public mission… blah blah confidence… blah blah work together… ” I’m so very tired of his inaction.

    • Anonymous 08/19/2013

      MG helped us get this board, with a lot of action as I understand it.

    • Anonymous 08/19/2013

      Oh please. This board was happening no matter what.

    • Anonymous 08/19/2013

      These picks for the board might have been happening, but MG did work hard on getting the board-based governance. He may have a vision for moving forward once this is in place. Let’s see what happens now.

    • Anonymous 08/19/2013

      No, I meant the board itself was going to happen, Gottfredson of not. Hasn’t an independent board ALWAYS been about self-governance?

      “He may have a vision…” ..? Sounds vaguely weird.

    • Anonymous 08/19/2013

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    • Anonymous 08/19/2013

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    • Anonymous 08/19/2013

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    • Anonymous 08/19/2013

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    • Anonymous 08/20/2013

      a) I don’t think the board was necessarily going to happen when MG came in. There were still significant state-level politics to be finessed and that has been done successfully, albeit without weekly progress reports.

      b) I retract the ‘he may have a vision’ because that does sound weird, thanks for pointing it out.

      c) However, I still agree with his email sentiment that things are still kind of exciting. We have both an independent board that can make decisions, AND a budget to work with, and at least it’s going to be interesting to see what happens.

    • Anonymous 08/20/2013

      This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    • UO Matters 08/20/2013

      Let’s keep the discourse civil. It doesn’t have to be polite, but it should be informative.

    • Anonymous 08/20/2013

      I was polite in my response and it didn’t require deletion. As I said, reasonable people can disagree. I still object to name calling and written bullying when someone doesn’t agree. That has all been stated complete civility.

  4. Anonymous 08/19/2013

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    • UO Matters 08/19/2013

      I deleted this comment because it was too mean.

  5. Anonymous 08/19/2013

    Forget Phil Knight — Connie Ballmer will bring us microsoft millions. More timber execs than people related to Nike too. Interesting.

  6. Anonymous 08/19/2013

    It is great to see that all members of the UO board will be voting. Shame on the gov for not giving the vote to all members of the general Higher Ed board.

  7. Anonymous 08/19/2013

    I’m concerned that unless I’ve missed it so far, there’s nobody on this list with experience in higher education or a research mission.

    • Anonymous 08/19/2013

      Such a sad state of reality. Celebrity and money matter more than skill and substance. Take for instance, football’s new Sweat Shop. It doesn’t matter that we exploit these young adults year after year, making riches off of them while keeping them in whatever financial state we found them in. As long as we look like we’re above board and entertain the masses on six Saturdays a year, we’re good.

    • Anonymous 08/19/2013

      Well that and the continued purchase of athletic shoes and gear.

  8. Anonymous 08/19/2013

    Uh-oh, guess my comment about Ginevra Ralph was too mean. I’ll rephrase it: does anyone know why she was elected to this board? To my knowledge, she manages the Shedd in a manner that is inconsistent with best practices, often underpays staff, and verbally abuses her employees.

    • Anonymous 08/19/2013

      Your first entry was more succinct but I guess we need to allow for UOM’s occasional foray into political correctness.

    • UO Matters 08/19/2013

      Above is much better, thanks, it was the h word that did it. Sorry.

  9. Anonymous 08/19/2013

    So, who are the U of Nike appointees?

    • Anonymous 08/20/2013

      Ford is a Knight wanna-be?

    • Anonymous 08/20/2013

      In fairness to Ford the alumni center cost exploded after Knight got his hands on it and merged it with his arena project.

    • Anonymous 08/20/2013

      If true, maybe we stand a chance.

  10. Awesome0 08/19/2013

    I think this is a win for getting shared governance into the constitution. The faculty rep has no relationship with the faculty union, research, has never been a PI, co-PI (although this is the person the Senate Pres nominated, does anyone know why??). I think its great we have a diverse pool on the board, but does anyone on it have a Ph.D.?

  11. Anonymous 08/19/2013

    On reflection – this is a diverse and interesting group, balanced with expertise in business, law, and the humanities. In many ways it reflects UO very well. I’m vaguely optimistic that this is a sensible group that will understand the importance of classrooms, salaries, and core facilities, and will listen to good ideas from the floor. Hopeful!

    • Awesome0 08/19/2013

      I’m no scientist, but I imagine they might like to have someone who gets their problems too.

    • Anonymous 08/19/2013

      Well, agreed on that. It seems like a sensible group but without obvious experience in science/research. So, acquiring research support could be a little harder. We will need to work with our ‘spokespeople’ to communicate the needs in that area.

    • Awesome0 08/19/2013

      Art Robinson wasn’t the right fit evidently…:-)

    • Anonymous 08/20/2013

      Humanities? I don’t see much there. Managing a concert hall seems about as close as anyone comes, unless I’m missing something. But I agree that law and business are well represented.

  12. Anonymous 08/19/2013

    There is no one with research university or even higher ed experience? (Except Gary).

  13. Old Grey Mare 08/20/2013

    I didn’t see the comment about Genevre Ralph, but anyone who was involved in the South University Neighbourhood when it tried to put together a historic district saw the arrogance and contempt with which she treated her neighbours.

    • Anonymous 08/20/2013

      That doesn’t sound like her at all. I wasn’t around it a lot, but I was at a couple of those historic district meetings and they were pretty tense and perhaps you misread protectiveness — she and other anti-district folks were being accused of fairly unpleasant things and actually being called names. What I saw was stoic firmness, not arrogance or contempt. Frankly, given what she and her cohorts were being assailed with (by people I was surprised to see saying things like that), I admired how they were comporting themselves.

    • Anonymous 08/20/2013

      Oh no — The Ralphs, particularly Jim, almost singlehandedly stopped the historic district. Yes, the meetings were tense and the proposal had some issues, but it was the Ralphs that poured time and money into stopping the historic district (which by the way would have prevented the incursion of many of the disruptive apartments built along 19th Avenue). Apparently, at one point, desperate to win the vote, this enterprising couple subdivided tiny parcels of their backyard to friends. Then, as owners, they were able to vote against the Historic District and it was defeated.

      Without question, the Ralphs have contributed much to the City and its arts community. But their actions with respect to the Historic District, to say the least, are open to criticism.

  14. Anonymous 08/20/2013

    Fishwrapper sez: Here’s a look at the nominees for a board to be serving a campus to the north. The nominees include two college presidents – one a Land Grant prez in another state – plus the usual mix of business and donor expertise.

    Nominees for OSU Board of Trustees

    Patricia Bedient, Sammamish, Wash. Executive vice president and chief financial officer of Weyerhaeuser Co. Served two terms on the OSU Foundation Board of Trustees.

    Rani Borkar, Portland. Corporate vice president and general manager of the Intel Architecture Development Group for Intel Corp.

    Darald “Darry” Callahan, San Rafael, Calif. Former president of Chevron Chemical Co. Former chair of the OSU Foundation Board of Trustees.

    Michele Longo Eder, Newport. Attorney with an emphasis in marine and fisheries law. Also president of Eder Fish Co. and member of the NOAA Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee.

    Elson Floyd, Pullman, Wash. President of Washington State University since 2007 and previously president of the University of Missouri and Western Michigan University.

    Orcilia Zúñiga Forbes, Portland. Retired from OSU in 2004 as vice president of university advancement. Serves on the State Board of Higher Education and the board of the Meyer Memorial Trust.

    Paul Kelly, Portland. Attorney who recently retired from Garvey Schubert Barer and previously served in several positions at Nike Inc., including general counsel and global director of public affairs.

    Laura Naumes, Medford. Vice president of Naumes Inc., which has orchards in California, Oregon and Washington and is a leading producer of pears. Serves on the OSU Foundation Board of Trustees.

    Patricia “Pat” Reser, Beaverton. Board chairwoman of Reser’s Fine Foods Inc. Co-chairs OSU’s Capital Campaign Steering Committee and along with her late husband, Al Reser, has been a major donor to the university.

    Kirk Schueler, Bend. Chief administrative officer for St. Charles Health System. Serves on the State Board of Higher Education.

    John Turner, Pendleton. President of Blue Mountain Community College. Retired from the U.S. Marine Corps as a colonel with more than 28 years of service, including a stint as president of the Marine Corps War College in Quantico, Va.

    Brenda McComb, Corvallis (faculty representative). Dean of the OSU Graduate School and a former forest habitat researcher.

    Mark Baldwin, Albany (Staff representative). Analyst and programmer in OSU’s Information Services Division.

    Taylor Sarmon, Corvallis (student representative). Sophomore majoring in political science at Oregon State and executive director of government affairs for the Associated Students of OSU.

    Story at:

  15. Anonymous 08/21/2013

    On Andrew Colas, from U of O Alumni Magazine:

    And finally, what is your favorite UO memory?

    I have a lot of great memories from my time at UO. Watching the Duck football team nearly go to the 2001 national championship game and the basketball team make it to the Elite 8 in the same year was pretty exciting. Oregon sports were great during my entire run, and I’d like to think it’s because I was such a great fan! Because we’re so dominant today, it’s pretty obvious I can’t take all the credit.

  16. Anonymous 08/23/2013

    Dachshund says:
    Ginevra Ralph does much more than “manage a concert hall”. She has toiled day and night for years to create the Shedd Institute for the Arts. With her great personal wealth, she could be spending all of her time on a yacht, yet she has chosen to contribute to civic life. It seems to me that she is just the sort of person we want on the board.

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