UO to give students $450K in need-based scholarships!

8/13/2013: Just kidding, that’s how much Athletic Director Rob Mullens is paying the Nicholls State University Colonels football team to show up in Autzen and lose to the Ducks, 4 weeks before the UO students even show up for classes. Vegas has Oregon by 51 points. College sports at its finest. Sam Stites has the story in the RG. Meanwhile VPFA Jamie Moffitt says UO’s budget doesn’t have any more money for faculty raises, while President Gottfredson still hasn’t done jack about the UO Senate resolution calling for him to end the subsidies for athletics, and start redirecting some money to academics, starting in the fiscal year that began 7/1/2013, and send money for need and merit scholarships, starting 7/1/2014.
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