Everybody gets a car!

9/13/2013: Or not. I’d add the salaries, but Dave Hubin’s public records office is delaying them until after the faculty and SEIU unions are done negotiating. These are as of the end of May.

Name Title 2013 car stipend
Gottfredson, Michael President $14,400
Andreasen, Michael C Vice Pres for Univ Development $9,300
Bean, James C Provost $9,300
Redding, Michael Vice Pres University Relations $9,300
Westhead, Paul W Head Women’s Basketball Coach $7,200
Altman, Dana D Head Men’s Basketball Coach $6,000
Beck, Jennifer L Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach $4,800
Duncan, Michael P Sr Assc AD Facil Ops & Events $4,800
Martin, Casey M Head Men’s Golf Coach $4,800
Mulkey, Felecia L Head Coach Stunts & Gymnastics $4,800
Mullens, Robert A Dir Intercollegiate Athletics $4,800
Peterson, Lisa L Senior Associate Athletic Dir $4,800
Pintens, Craig A Sr Assoc AD Marketing & PR $4,800
Scott, Ria Denise G Head Women’s Golf Coach $4,800
White, Michael C Head Softball Coach $4,800
Campbell, Gary L Assistant Football Coach $3,600
Cohen, Jill A Events Coordinator DAF $3,600
Cook, James F Asst Men’s & Women’s T&F Coach $3,600
Frost, Scott A Asst FB Coach – Wide Receivers $3,600
Lee, Shandrika T Asst Women’s Basketball Coach $3,600
Metro, Stacy A Asst Volleyball Coach $3,600
Muscatell, Daniel R Asst Women’s Basketball Coach $3,600
Neal, John C Assistant Football Coach $3,600
Osborne, Thomas S Special Teams Coordinator $3,600
Uhlman, Jason A Assistant Baseball Coach $3,600
Ziemann, Bianca L Asst Women’s Basketball Coach $3,600
Miller, Blake A Assistant Softball Coach $3,000
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3 Responses to Everybody gets a car!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Cheaper to pay a car allowance for someone who travels a lot on business than to pay mileage reimbursements and do all of the accounting and check handling.

    • Anonymous says:

      Which just moves the question to an accounting of mileage. I suppose I should be logging my miles to and from teaching and research responsibilities. I’m sure the admins would love to likewise reimburse me.