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University gives cash, cars to hard-working student-athletes

10/29/2013: That would be SMU, back in the free-market 1980’s:

The NCAA cartel came down hard on them, since every dollar going to a player is a dollar that won’t go them, the athletic directors and coaches, and Faculty Athletics Representatives like UO’s Jim O’Fallon. But now the NCAA is considering giving the players a token $2K a year. for comparison, AD Rob Mullens makes about $500K, with considerably less concussion risk. Troy Brynelson has a report on the ongoing debates in the ODE. Thanks to a commenter there for this fascinating SMU video. I particularly like seeing how happy the student-athletes were with the competition for their services!


  1. Anonymous 10/29/2013

    Next week’s story… “For all the money college sports teams bring in, should the athletic department not be able to cover its own bills?”

  2. Anonymous 10/29/2013

    So, most of this is still true… all the machinery and excess. EXCEPT, the admins and coaches now keep what they used to have to give to the players in order to compete. The exploitation is unbelievable.


    “I believe that they have been so out of control that a reassessment is necessary.” SMU faculty. They were pissed that the admins and boosters were paying so much for talent, which the cartel had prohibited. But, that quote is more fitting now at the UO than ever. “Things are so out of control” at the UO just the same, but the profit is being pocketed by the coaches and admins instead of the actual talent. Gross.

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