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Feds, states oppose tax breaks for big-time college sports

Just kidding, sports are sacred. They’re challenging tax-breaks for “non-profit” hospitals, because of big salaries and small public benefits. The NYT has the story here.

In other charitable giving news, it’s still possible to give to the university employee’s Charitable Fund Drive. You can allocate your gift to a plethora of worthwhile local charitable causes. Go here for the list of donations by department and instructions on how to pledge. (Note that the averages are per giver, not per employee.) Tax-tip: Remember, a tax deferred is a tax avoided. Give it all lump sum now, to maximize your 2013 tax benefits. You can also donate to UO’s SAIL program here.

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  1. Thérèse Philosophe 12/17/2013

    You’re such a tease…

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