Mighty Oregon/Nike Fight Song

Posted on request of an anonymous reader, who writes “In a time that has been so divisive on campus – athletics vs academics, unions vs admin, etc – perhaps a bit of an inspiration from the UOM to work together to complete the hard work required to make a functioning and successful U would be inspiring – or not.”

She is small our Alma Mater,
But she rules with strength and right.
What she lacks in mass and numbers,
She makes up for in her fight.
Oregon is never beaten,
‘Till the final whistles call.
Who can tell her tale of triumph?
Scores can never show it all.

Oregon, our Alma Mater,
We will guard thee on and on.
Fellows gather round and cheer her.
Chant her glory Oregon.
Roar the praises of her warriors.
Sing the story Oregon.
Down the gridiron urge the heroes,
Of our mighty Oregon.

Rally fellows, stand behind them,
They are doing all they can.
Back the team in sun and shadow,
Back the captain, back each man.
They will carry home the vict’ry,
To old Deady’s hallowed hall.
Give the team the best that’s in you.
Give your Alma Mater all.

I’ll give a University of Nike coffee cup for the best parody, and add a t-shirt and $100 towards your legal defense if you post it on youtube.

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2 Responses to Mighty Oregon/Nike Fight Song

  1. Anonymous says:

    I can’t do it. I couldn’t make it past the first line… “She is small?”

  2. Old Grey Mare says:

    Parva sit alma mater nostra
    sed regit recto et vi.
    Cum desit illi magnitudo
    pugnat tamen bellicose…

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