President, Senate cooperate to transparently work with new board

From our Corvallis branch office:

Outgoing Senate President Kevin Gable spoke eloquently about the role of Faculty Senate in a shared governance setting. That would be at Oregon State University:

Nice little profile in the Gazette-Times, as well:

Then Gable ticks off the pieces of the OSU puzzle in which the Senate wields significant influence: curriculum, academic regulations, the criteria for promotions and tenure. Gable also noted the Senate’s role in the establishment of OSU’s new Board of Trustees.

“I’m extremely happy with the process we went through. It was a showcase of shared governance. The Senate specifically and the faculty broadly participated in the decision-making process. And that’s where our interest lies.”

Here at UO, the Senate has not yet heard much about the UO board of trustees. We were not told we could attend their first meeting. A second meeting, apparently to approve their by-laws is coming soon. There are no draft by-laws on the UO Trustees website, and there is no notice of meeting either.

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