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Pres calls for athletic department to pay 25% of TV revenues to academic side

That would be OSU’s new President F. King Alexander, reflecting on his successes and failures at LSU, on a piece from the Sambla Sweden blog today: … Another area where Alexander wishes he could have been more effective was convincing the leadership of other SEC institutions to join him in…

Update: OSU hired F. King Alexander, despite censure by LSU Senate and the AAUP after he fired a professor for cussing in class

Updates: I wonder how much of this the Witt/Kieffer search consultants, Zachary A. Smith, Ph.D., Suzanne Teer and Kim Brettschneider passed on to the OSU Board and hiring committees. In 2018 the UNC system banned its schools from hiring Witt Kieffer for searches, after they failed to do due diligence…

Government Relations Office sends out update on 2018 legislative session

That would be OSU’s Government Relations Office. Sure it’s only October, and the session is 3 months away, but the early bird gets the worm:

From: “Mills, Jock”

Subject: [Government_Relations_Update] OSU Government Relations Update — Looking to the 2018 Legislative Session and Beyond

Date: October 30, 2017 at 4:41:46 PM PDT

John Canzano on how big-time college sports corrupts everything

In the Oregonian, here, with a link to his previous investigative reports on the alleged 1998 gang rape by members of the OSU football team: … The Benton County District Attorney’s office and the blossoming enterprise that was the Beavers’ athletic department had a close working relationship, according to Sandrock.…

President, Senate cooperate to transparently work with new board

From our Corvallis branch office: Outgoing Senate President Kevin Gable spoke eloquently about the role of Faculty Senate in a shared governance setting. That would be at Oregon State University: Nice little profile in the Gazette-Times, as well: Then Gable ticks off the pieces of the OSU puzzle in…

University hires new VP for Finance and Administration for $236K

5/4/2013: The university has successfully concluded an open national search for a new VP for Finance and Administration. The president reports to the faculty: “Our former VPFA did an exemplary job of helping keeping the university on a sound financial footing in a difficult economic environment and doing so in a…