OSU, OUS will spare no buzzword:

8/10/2011:  OUS had a whole meeting devoted to
Equity and Diversity last month. I challenge you to read the docket and come away with
any sense for what they will actually do to address the real problems of college access for low SES Oregonians. OUS will do nothing, except for have more meetings, appoint a task force, blather on, and piss away student tuition money on themselves and some consultants.

Meanwhile, a friend from OSU passes along the announcement below. Not a word as to what will actually be done, but that’s not really the point with these sorts of administrative positions, is it? What counts is to use every buzzword. But he left out sustainability – he would never get an administrative job at UO.

Dear colleagues,

As outlined in a statement made by President Ray on May 31, 2011, I was asked to assume the role of Interim Executive Director of Equity and Inclusion with responsibility over the Offices of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity, Community and Diversity, and Women’s Advancement and Gender Equity effective July 1, 2011.  Part of this new role involves envisioning a more holistic and cohesive approach to the work of equity, inclusion, and diversity.  As efforts to design and implement an integrated agenda that encompasses what were three separate agendas continue, my intent, and the desire of staff members in these offices, is to be collaborative in shaping that agenda and to be transparent, keeping members of the university community well-informed.  To learn about details as they develop, please visit the Equity and Inclusion website: http://oregonstate.edu/oei


Angelo Gomez, Interim Executive Director
Office of Equity and Inclusion
526 Kerr Administration
Oregon State University
Phone: 541-737-3556 

Transparent? His office won’t even post OSU’s affirmative action plan.


5/4/2010: Lots of OSU visitors lately. Sorry, we got nothing for you, just UO stuff. Get your own blog! Wait, here’s a copy of the OSU Affirmative Action plan. Your Associate General Counsel Charles E. Fletcher tried to sell this to us, and said he didn’t want it posted online. We got it free, and here it is. Sorry Mr. Fletcher, you just don’t understand our business model. FWIW, it’s a much more professional job than the UO AA Plan and from what I can tell your AA budget is about half what Penny Daugherty charges UO. Let’s not even mention UO’s Vice President for Diversity Charles Martinez and his budget – it’s a crime. You should be proud. Go Beavers.


4/9/2010: From KVAL:

A new study found Oregon State University women are paid more for their eggs than women at the University of Oregon.

To find intelligent young women, fertility clinics often advertise in college newspapers. Georgia Tech studied those ads at 306 schools and found that Oregon State University women were offered $5,000 for their eggs while women at the University of Oregon were offered a thousand dollars less. … 

But some questioned the ethics. “It’s an undue inducement for a poor student and it begins to really commodify the process,” said Dr. Susan Tolle who heads the Center for Ethics in Health Care at Oregon Health and Science University. …

So, it’s more ethical to pay poor students less. Very interesting.