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President slashes administration, adds tenure-track faculty

That would be President Steven Leath at Iowa State. From the Des Moines Register:

Iowa State University is the only school in the country to increase hiring of full-time faculty and slash staffing in all other areas over the past decade, a new report finds.

Between 2004 and 2012, ISU boosted by 41 percent the number of full-time faculty per 1,000 students, while decreasing part-time faculty and all non-teaching staff. That differs from other colleges and universities, which over the last decade have hired “an explosion of new workers” to fill administrative jobs while increasingly relying on part-time faculty and graduate students to teach students, according to the report released by the Delta Cost Project at the American Institutes for Research.

“We’re trying to intentionally run a very lean operation and put as much into direct support of students and faculty as we can,” said ISU President Steven Leath.


  1. Anonymous 02/07/2014

    “UNI, which disputed the accuracy of the data, was the only Iowa public university to increase its part-time faculty. Both administrators and a faculty union leader said the jump in part-time workers since 2004 is 38 percent, while full-time faculty had declined 7 percent. Officials said that’s far lower than a 200 percent increase in part-time teachers cited in the study, even when accounting for a decline in enrollment.”

    A little cold water on the “unions will stop this trend” argument.

  2. Anonymous 02/11/2014

    Doesn’t this suggest that out current administrators should be pinched between Faculty (those who care) and the board? Does the board not have interests more-closely aligned with faculty than with administrators? At some level, this suggests that we should be winning. This makes me wonder how we can better coordinate with the board.

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