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  1. Additionally, it looks like at least one of suits is seeking class action status. It may prove to be difficult for the Plaintiff class to certify all of the colleges and universities involved as a class of defendants, rather than simply sue the one defendant where there is the commonality: The NCAA.

  2. Another issue would be the Tort Claims Notice Acts of various states. In Oregon, the act specifies that unless you file a notice of intent to sue within 180 days of your injury, the case will be tossed. Other states have similar rules, so you can probably sue the NCAA for as long as the statute of limitations allows, but to sue a public university, such as Eastern Illinois (which is where one of the student-athletes is from), there is a much smaller window allowed for the cases to be able to proceed.

    I’m sure there are other considerations and advantages to suing the NCAA, but I am sure this is one of them.

  3. Fishwrapper says:

    Bigger pockets, and it’s the NCAA’s rules…

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