Prominent Duck PR flack makes it into WWeek

First it was Dave Williford in the NYT, opining on the statistical validity of the relationship between football wins and declining grades. Now Willamette Week is asking why public money is paying for Duck flack Rob Moseley to report on spring practice – which they’ve closed to real sports reporters. I’m thinking that “Around the O’s” dissembling report on the recent UO Board meeting is a bigger problem, but that’s just me. Locanthi seems to have hit a nerve, judging by Moseley’s defensive tweets:

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2 Responses to Prominent Duck PR flack makes it into WWeek

  1. Anas Clypeata says:

    Always a classy move to describe yourself as “prominent”.

  2. reader says:

    Moseley is defensive most of the time, so that angle offers limited explanation. The reality is that UO sought to capture his blog audience at the RG’s expense when the RG opted for paid views, including blogs. Both thought they had readers by the short hairs and both lost out. Results: bloggers took a page from the Chipster and innovated, migrating to contented shelter elsewhere. Where Moseley had some excellent journalistic legitimacy in the past, he now has very little.

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