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3 more BB players leave UO, Ducks fire Altman for falling APR rates

The ODE has the reports, with a football DUI also in the mix. One of the players was under investigation for a sexual assault at his previous university. But just kidding about Altman – it’s OSU’s Craig Robinson that is getting fired, with a $4M buyout. His players did well at academics, not so well at athletics. And while Altman’s “Academic Progress Rate” is miserable, under the NCAA’s peculiar rules players that transfer out count as progress – regardless of what happens to them after they’re gone. So this will probably help the Duck’s game that APR. I think there are some NCAA penalties if it stays below 920.

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  1. chuck 05/05/2014

    You know, one of the reasons Matt Knight Arena was built was to draw top notch recruits, McArthur Court couldn’t cut it with today’s high school basketballers. Glad to see that the $235 million in bonds is going to such good use….

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