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RG posts victim’s March 11 statement

RG story here, pdf of the statement here. This seems to be the victim’s original statement, 2 days after the incident, taken down by Eugene police at the UO police station. It’s graphic, and the events sound much less consensual than they way are described in the final police report and in the DA’s no-file letter.


  1. Understatement of the YEar 05/14/2014

    “Much less consensual” is weasel words. Its pretty much an unambiguously non-consensual affair from start to finish. People need to lose their jobs over this.

    • Anonymous 05/14/2014

      Your job should be on the chopping block. After all, what did you do to stop this?

  2. anon 05/14/2014

    I think a key point is that our judgment of the admin’s actions should not be predicated on whether or not this is determined to be consensual or rape.

    • Understatement of the YEar 05/14/2014

      In a Bayesian sense, though, more complete information about the (terrible) events in question allow us to update our priors on the binomial “stupid or evil” question.

      Hint: for any non-dogmatic prior, P(evil|data) -> 1

      • Anonymous 05/14/2014

        Are you trying to make light of the situation, or just trying to impress us with your “knowledge” of statistics? Either way, I find your comment to be entirely inappropriate.

  3. Say What? 05/14/2014

    Dude…you forgot to mention the trinomial complex of Eurastus and his fleeting horsemen.

  4. Anon 05/14/2014

    I have read both the finalized police report and the victim’s original statements. They differ quite a bit in terms of consent. As a UO alumni and member of the Eugene community, my concern is that she may have been coached, led, coerced or intimidated out of sticking with her original statement of complete non-consent by the EPD.

    The police in this area have a history of favoritism with duck atheletes. There are one set of rules for us and another set of rules for duck athletes. Here is an example. Anyone else would’ve been arrested immediately going 118 mph on the highway smelling of weed:

    I have been a long time supporter of UO athletics, but I can no longer support the basketball team under the leadership of Altman or Mullens. To contrast, here is how Brandon Austin was dealt with at Providence College: “The same day, Providence College’s head coach, Ed Cooley, decided to suspend Austin and Bullock from playing in games until the allegations could be investigated.”

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