Paris announces Ducks will open Jaqua Center to regular students and pay 2/3 of athlete tutoring costs!

5/5/2014 Update: That’s according to the report by Margie Paris in the Senate minutes, here:

Looking at the issue of whether student athletes receive preferential benefits, the task force considered the levels of financial and academic support, registration, and enrollment benefits. They concluded that there are preferential benefits, particularly in the area of advising, but not inappropriate benefits. For example, two-thirds of the student advising services are paid for by the athletic department but are rendered through the university’s academic support services, not the athletic department itself. Ms. Paris said there is integrity in these services and that they are available to all students, not just student athletes.

Oh wait, that’s from 2003, when the cost was a few $100K. Currently the entire $2.4M cost of the Jaqua Center’s support services is paid by Provost Scott Coltrane out of the academic budget – i.e. regular student tuition – and the Jock Box’s services are emphatically off limits to regular UO students.

5/2/2014: Breaking news from the UO Senate minutes: Duck AD agrees to use athletics profits for academic Presidential Scholarships

[Senate] President Marcus asked about the task force recommendation that the athletics department contribute to academic scholarships. [Athletic Director] Mr. Moos replied the that the athletics department will implement the recommendation with the actual amount of funding support determined each year, dependent on the revenue stream. The department is in the process of completing the budget for next year and determining the scholarship contribution amount, which will go toward funding presidential scholarships.

Oh wait, that’s from 2005, never mind.

The athletic department never followed through, of course. A year or two later Phil Knight ordered Dave Frohnmayer to fire Bill Moos. The UO Senate is still trying to get the money from the athletic department, and end the millions in athletic subsidies that Frohnmayer allowed to creep back in over the subsequent years. And President Gottfredson is fighting the Senate’s efforts by hook and by crook.

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  1. anon says:

    And shortly afterwards Phil Knight fired Moos.