Johnson Hall Monday Noon rally

President Gottfredson’s normal Monday schedule involves “leadership” meetings:

9:00 a.m. — Executive Leadership Team weekly meeting
10:00 a.m. — UO Foundation leadership monthly meeting
11:00 a.m. — Faculty Advisory Committee monthly meeting
1:00 p.m. — Meeting with University Senate President Margie Paris and Senior Vice President and Provost Scott Coltrane

Gottfredson’s office hasn’t yet posted this week’s schedule, but there apparently will be an FAC meeting in the JH conference room, as usual. (This is inside the first floor windows to the right on the back of JH, the entrance is inside the back door, down the hallway on the right.)

As explained below the UO-CESV will hold another rally, at 12 at JH. They will again ask for President Gottfredson to come out and answer their questions. I imagine the elected Faculty Advisory Council (which normally operates under a secrecy agreement) will have plenty of questions of their own, and will then escort Gottfredson out to the JH steps at noon so he can spend the last hour answering student questions. The FAC charge and membership list is here, if you want to contact them about your concerns. The chair is Peter Keyes (Architecture, former Senate President).

Check the UO-CESV website for updates. What do they want? Transparency, data, education, explanations, freedom to speak without fear of institutional retaliation – and an apology for the cover-up:

1) Provide advocacy independent of UO for survivors of sexual violence that corresponds to actual rates of sexual violence at the University;

2) Support the expansion of the UO’s Multicultural General Education requirements to include at least one mandatory class that addresses gender, sexuality, and social inequality in the United States;

3) Provide resources for Dr. Jennifer Freyd’s research team so that they can begin conducting their campus climate research survey by Monday, June 2, 2014;

4) Appoint a UO-CESV member to the committee charged with revising the student conduct code, as well as to all future committees regarding sexual misconduct and prevention;

5) Hold a press conference at noon on Thursday, May 15 that includes the following:

A public apology from the University Administration for lying about the University’s failure to act on a reported sexual assault;

An outline of specific measures regarding sexual violence prevention at the University of Oregon and a list of specific resources that will be allocated to these measures;

A public signing of the Academic Freedom policy, which will enable staff to speak freely and openly on this and other issues regarding the University;

A direct response to items 1-4 above.

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3 Responses to Johnson Hall Monday Noon rally

  1. uomatters says:

    I’d warn CESV not to defame UO administrators by calling them liars, except it’s just so, uh, true.

  2. Senior faculty member that works on Title IX says:

    Support for Freyd’s campus climate assessment is crucial to getting an accurate view of the problem. Up to now, the U of O administration has refused to do this. A couple of years ago, I wrote Robin Holmes asking that such an assessment be done. This was right after several Title IX statements requiring universities to do this. Holmes emailed me that it would be “a waste of money”. When I raised this with Russ Tomlin, then in charge of these issues for the provost’s office, he said that “women lie about this sort of thing”, and proceeded with a long rambling anecdote based on his own personal experiences.

    I agree with those who say Gottfredson is better than what has come before. He can show his seriousness by supporting Freyd’s study and getting ride of those, like Holmes, that have blocked this sort of thing in the past.

  3. Sam Dotters-Katz, ASUO Presidento says:

    I have asked before, but didn’t get an answer. 2 questions.

    1. What does the first demand actually mean. Does that mean hire more off campus survivor support service folks for survivors to report to instead of UO Admin? I just don’t know what advocacy independent of UO for survivors means specifically.

    2. The 2nd to last one, is that a campus audit of all services regarding sexual assault prevention, how much they cost and who pays for what?