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Gottfredson doesn’t show for UO Trustees Meeting

Last updated on 09/08/2014

Let’s hope this is the beginning of the end.

5/29/2014: UO Trustees Academic Affairs committee to meet today

Notice: The UO Trustee’s committees will meet On May 29 and June 3, and the full board will meet June 12-13. Info here. Today’s meeting:

12:30 PM, Thursday, May 29, 2014 – Public Meeting – HEDCO Education Building, Room 230T

1.0 Convene
• Call to Order and Welcome (Mary Wilcox)
• Roll Call

Present: Coltrane, Holmes, Geller(!), Thompson, K Willcox, Ford, Shelton, Chapa, Altmann. On the phone: M Willcox, Dotters-Katz, Lillis. No Curry, no Blandy. About 15 in the audience.

President Gottfredson is missing. Odd, it’s on his schedule.

2.0 Review and approval of March Academic & Student Affairs Meeting

Public Comments:

Joe Henry (Anthropology) and GTFF union president: Welcomes trustees. Explains union has authorized a strike because of difficulties bargaining with administration.

Dana Rognlie (Philosophy and GTFF): Talks about tuition and fees. Has been working with administration on tuition and fees committee. Wants to keep tuition low, does not buy argument that grad student raises will necessitate higher tuition. Wants to work with board to get more state funding.

John LaRochelle (Philosophy and GTFF bargaining team): GTFF will strike in fall if priorities are not met: Wage that meets UO fin aid office estimate of Eugene cost of living. No increases in fees. Health care trust – recruitment tool for good grad students. 6 weeks medical and parental leave. Excited by the opportunity to work with board on these issues.

Kathleen Piovesan (UO Coalition to End Sexual Violence): Speaks about lack of transparency on recent sexual assault, lack of trust in administration’s response. Happy about work Senate did yesterday on Student Conduct Code. University’s response has been deceptive. Year or more of efforts to get information, without success. Asks board to work with administration to provide accountability and transparency.

K Willcox: Has made request to put GTFF bargaining on Trustee’s agenda, get briefing from administration. Wants to make that part of this committee’s work. Same with sexual violence.

3.0 Mission Statement Revision Process (Scott Coltrane and Brad Shelton) [This was supposed to be on Senate Agenda yesterday, still has not been posted.]
• Overview of materials on the website
• Campus discussions summary

Coltrane: Three public sessions, 30 at last meeting.  HECC needs it in Sept. Not sure that board needs to approve it until then. [Despite Gottfredson’s big speech about this at last board meeting?]

Shelton: Yada yada yada. Read the web-site. [Starving grad students go for the board’s sandwiches. Where’s the coffee?]

4.0 ASAC Framework and Work Plan (Scott Coltrane and Mary Wilcox)

Board meeting Sept 11-12 will be a “retreat”.

5.0 Future Meeting Schedule (Scott Coltrane and Mary Wilcox)

6.0 Adjourn


  1. Anonymous 05/29/2014

    Mission Accomplished?

  2. anonymous 05/29/2014

    He’s SO transparent now, you can’t even see him! The more I see, the less I like.

  3. Prof Mom 05/29/2014

    Transparent prez comment rulz

  4. Yawner 05/30/2014

    Yawn…..Gottfredson is not on the agenda for the meeting. No speech, no report. This meeting is all Coltrane work. No reason for the Pres to show and sit in the back of the room for 6 hours.

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