Rob Illig to replace Michael Moffitt as UO Law Dean?

Sure, Rob Illig has had some not so great press recently, but this new KEZI puff piece about his sports law camp makes him look pretty good. And while Dean Michael Moffitt got a mention in the NYT a few years ago, it appears he was less than completely honest about the “business school case study” he’d been running on the side. It promptly collapsed when his professors found out what he’d been doing. Under Dean Moffitt UO Law has been plummeting in the rankings, and the enrollment decline has been about double that for other law schools. So are Rob Illig and sports law UO’s future?

Rumor down at the faculty club bar is that Moffitt will meet with the faculty at 12:30 September 4, to talk about how to respond to the just completed ABA accreditation report, and what to do next.

While Moffitt’s $292,800 dean’s salary may be just a third of the $1M that Illig is worth, somehow I doubt he’d say no.

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One Response to Rob Illig to replace Michael Moffitt as UO Law Dean?

  1. Good News says:

    Actually this is a pretty nice piece of publicity for Oregon Law — something it needs. Illig should actually get some kudos from doing something new and innovative. The TV piece demonstrates that this is something that is attracting national attention — in a good way! Not sure it counters the idiotic behavior from the Spring on a personal note, but it certainly does help the Law School.